Open Source 2.0 rules

The project begins with a single piece of video or audio, which the next contributor will be able to add to, take away from, or alter in any way they choose so long as their contribution is clearly derived from the work leading up to it. 


  • You can add to, take away or alter* the video that existed before your participation.  
  • You can add any footage from previous versions back in to the video if previous collaborators have removed it
  • You are not obliged to keep ANY of the existing video or audio
  • Your contribution must be made of sound or video that you recorded yourself. 
  • If you alter the preexisting media, you may only adjust: colour, speed, or effects so that the existing media matches with your contribution. You may not use overlays on the existing video.
  • Any of these rules may change at any point in the program, as per the whims and fancies of Angus McLellan.
  • When you are done:
    • Upload your finished contribution to your Vimeo page
    • Make sure that the privacy settings of your video are set to enable downloading (for the duration of the Open Source program)
    • Send the link to the contribution to

The finished work will be released in a manner appropriate to it's format, under a creative commons license