Screenplay Table Read Event

Upcoming Session
Wednesday June 13th, 2018
6pm to 10pm
Free for members
Email to register
This event will connect experienced screenwriters for an evening of table reads and feedback in a fun and supportive environment. Each participant* will bring a short script up to ten pages, or a ten page segment of a longer script, and these scripts will be read aloud with the group. 
* Depending on the number of attendees, we may have to cap the number of scripts read. Those who register first will have priority.


Session Outline
- Introductions 
- Discussion on format for feedback
- Table reads (10-12 minutes per script) followed by brief initial responses
- Break
- Feedback 
- Wrap


How to include your script
- After or at the time of registering, please send a copy of your script in a .pdf format to If a .pdf is not possible, please send your script in a format that can be opened without requiring the software it was written in.
- Please send a character breakdown if possible (name of each character who speaks in the script to be read)
Statement on Content

Ed Video strives to create a safe and inclusive atmosphere. Please consider how your material and relevant discussions may impact your fellow participants. 

Please speak with staff if you have questions about the content of your script as it relates to this. In some cases, we may advise that the material is not appropriate for the format of the event, and in other cases we may provide guidance on how your material can be shared in a way in which it is given a context that will help others to appreciate your work in the way you intend.