Play Proposition V Submissions

WEEK 4 (February 8th to February 15th, 2018)
Art or Money

This final play proposition isn’t just thematic, it’s a real soul-searcher. 

Your proposition for the last ever play proposition is this:

Create a short video essay (up to 3 minutes) on the topic of “Art or Money”. How you react to those three words is entirely up to you. 

How you share your thoughts is entirely up to you.

Week # 4 Art or Mony from Alberta Nye on Vimeo.

Play Proposition V Week #4- Peter Szabo "Art Or Money" from Ed Video Media Arts Centre on Vimeo.

WEEK 3: 

This proposition mixes technical with thematic. We’re eschewing the boring old rectangle shaped video standards to try something very few have ever tried.

Your task this week is to confine the images of your video within a circle.
There are two catches:
1. You can’t do it in post. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but your circle image must be created ‘in-camera’. You can do something as simple as shooting your video through a toilet paper roll, or do something as ludicrous as taking a sharpie to the sensor of your camera (not Ed Video's cameras!). There are other clever ways to achieve this effect, but I'll leave that to you to figure out.
2. It has to work. Try to create a short that appropriately uses the circle shape as an enhancement of the story or moment, rather than just letting it be a gimmick."

Play Proposition V-3 from Mary Lalonde on Vimeo.

Week 3 - the circle - Fabricio Portillo from fabricio portillo on Vimeo.

edvideo-3 from Phototrain (Tyler Young) on Vimeo.

Believe from Peter Szabo on Vimeo.

Week #3 Circle from Alberta Nye on Vimeo.


WEEK 2: "The Golden Record
The year is 1977, and NASA is about to launch the Voyager crafts into space.

Each craft carries with it a message for extraterrestrials, or even humans of the future.
The "Golden Record" is a time capsule, meant to tell those who might find it about Earth and humanity,  or future humans about our world. It carries sound, images, and greetings.

The proposition for this week is to create a video or audio contribution to the time capsule.

What would you send to beings from other wordly or of the very distant future? Your contribution can be as concrete or as
abstract as you like. Play with the idea of attempting to communicate with a being who probably doesn't use your language, doesn't look at existence from the same perspective as you, and who's intellect is likely at a very different stage in evolution.
What would you contribute to the Golden Record?"

Play Proposition V.2: Golden Record - Fabricio Portillo from Ed Video Media Arts Centre on Vimeo.


play proposition V Challenge 2 from Phototrain (Tyler Young) on Vimeo.


WEEK 1: "The proposition for this week is to tell a story, any story, using a sequence of just five shots.

Each shot can last as long as you want it to, but once you cut away from a shot you can't cut back to it.
Show us an unfolding of events, give a biography of a character, or leave us hanging... The content is up to you, but try to tell a captivating storyusing just five images." 

Play Proposition V - 1 from Mary Lalonde on Vimeo.


Edvideo-prop1 from Phototrain (Tyler Young) on Vimeo.

Lost Friend from Peter Szabo on Vimeo.