Weekend Film Challenge

August 24th to August 27th
Begins at 6pm on Friday
Participants have until 6pm on Monday to submit their finished works
Participation is free
Register for this event by sending an email to angus@edvideo.org

Ed Video’s 2018 Film Challenge

The theme for this challenge is “Bicycle Thief”. 

These two simple words can be interpreted and used in any number of ways, but should somehow be central to the creation of your work. 

Successful challenge films make the theme an integral part of the story, either as a driver of the plot or as a hook that changes the direction of the story. How you go about doing that is up to you. 


  • The challenge is open to Ed Video members as well as the general public
  • Teams should be primarily composed of people aged 13 and older.
  • There is no minimum or maximum for team size.
  • There are no rules about 'foul language', sexuality, etc. Your video can be PG or R. 
  • There are rules about basic decency. Ed Video strives to be an inclusive centre for all people, and we won't screen any films or videos which are vehicles for hate speech, racism, sexism, homophobia, etc. In cases where such content occurs unintentionally, the video makers will be consulted and may be given the chance to remove the content in question before the screening event. Please consider the content you include in your film.
  • There will be some casual form of competition in this challenge. Prizes will be modest. Do it for the glory!

Video Details

  • Finished videos can be up to 6 minutes in length (including credits, which aren't required). There is no minimum length.
  • Any level of production equipment is allowed. Make your film with an Arri Alexa, cellphone, or video-enabled potato. Your choice.
  • Submit your film as an H.264 or similar file type. We have to be able to play it without downloading software, codecs, etc. 

Submitting finished films 

  • Submit in-person during our office hours on Monday (10am to 6pm) OR digitally by sending a download link to angus@edvideo.org
  • Submit by 6pm on Monday August 27th. That really and truly means 6pm.

Screening of the Films

  • This depends on how many people actually submit films.