Health Insurance

Personal Health Insurance for Ed Video Members Through the Arts & Entertainment Plan®
Dear Ed Video Members,
We are pleased to announced that through the Ed Video’s organizational membership with Media Arts Network of Ontario / Réseau des arts médiatiques de l’Ontario (MANO | RAMO), you are now eligible for personal health insurance through the Arts & Entertainment Plan
MANO/RAMO was created in 2009 for the express purpose of providing a unified and responsive voice for Ontario’s media arts sector. The media arts sector has had a rapid and continued evolution that has been innovative and responsive to new and emerging technologies and formats over the last two decades. The time has come for the sector to communicate its abundant achievements, pursue funding parity with more traditional disciplines, and pursue increased opportunities for its artists. In the coming years, MANO/RAMO will play an important role in spearheading advocacy, professional development, networking and communications that further the profile of the media arts sector in communities across the province.
MANO member organizations have access for insuring staff and contractors with policy resting with the employee, with flexible structures for payment models. Additionally, membership based organizations of professionals, such as production centres, (which includes Ed Video) will, as MANO members, be able to offer the plan to their professional artist membership.

The Arts & Entertainment Plan® is offered by Actra Fraternal Benefit Society (AFBS), a not-for-profit insurance provider owned by performers and writers. As an organization, they understand the unique needs of people who earn their living through their creativity and only insure those working in the artistic community. They are committed to the continued development of a plan that works for the community. The Actra Fraternal Benefit Society is Canada's only national insurance and investment provider launched and owned by Canadian performers and screenwriters.

NOTE: You will need a code provided to you by ED VIDEO, please email to obtain a code.
This insurance is only available to current INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS (General or Production Level). Staff of Ed Video’s ORGANIZATIONAL Members are NOT eligible through Ed Video’s membership.
For specific details about the plan please contact:
Jason Saulay
Affinity Programs and Business Development
Actra Fraternal Benefit Society (AFBS)
Tel: 416-967-6600 Ext. 256