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Calls for Creative/Artistic Projects
We strongly encourage members and artists to post calls for creative works on this page, whether the the work is paid or unpaid. If you are looking for volunteers for your project, please remember that the work creative volunteers provide has significant value. Creative volunteers and artistic collaborators bring experience, skill and passion to your project, and should be treated in-kind.


Calls for Commercial, Community, Personal and Event Projects
This page is also open to those who are looking to post calls for video or audio professionals to help on non-artistic projects, such as commercials, event documentation, etc. 
We are often asked to provide advice on what it would cost to hire a video professional, but unfortunately that question is very difficult to answer. Every project is different and could require a varying range of expertise, time and access to equipment. 
What we can say is that video production almost always takes longer than you’d think. It’s a lot like that analogy about how the tip of the iceberg that you can see above the water is only a fraction of what is below the water. Even a “simple” one-hour shoot might take hours or days to prepare for, travel time, rental or ownership of expensive video production and post-production equipment, time to transfer, and time to edit. A “simple” five minute video might take days or weeks of work. Likewise, a “simple” camera operation job has many hidden costs and requires more time than just the time to film. 
Perhaps most importantly, you’re not just paying for someone’s time, you’re paying for their expertise. A video or audio professional has devoted time and often money to developing their skills and their craft, and should be paid as a professional.
By asking a video or audio professional to perform work for a low rate, you may actually be asking them to do the work for less than minimum wage. When you offer a rate, consider the actual time and expense of performing the work.
Is it OK to ask people to perform work in exchange for material for their portfolio, or in exchange for work experience?
You should think twice about this. Is your project actually going to contribute to someone’s portfolio in a way that will help them find meaningful or paying work? Will you be providing them with the support and resources to do a good job and learn from the experience? Will you be asking for an appropriate amount of their time and covering all of their out-of-pocket expenses? When the project is complete, will you invest your time and resources to make sure that the work they have contributed will be well-used and will be seen by people?
If you are asking for people to volunteer on your project (artistic or otherwise), it is important to make sure you provide them with the tools to do the job properly, don’t take advantage of their generosity, provide portfolio material in a timely manner and in a way that they can use, and do your best to make sure audiences see it. If you don’t know that you can meet these basic criteria, then it might be worth considering if the project is ready (or worth doing).


Recent Posts

Respond to any posting with due caution and inquiry. Ed Video does not have the resources to verify each request we receive.

Project: Re•Vision: The Centre for Art and Social Justice, University of Guelph

Looking for help with: Videography and post-production 

Project Type: Event and interview documentation, short documentaries.

Paid or Volunteer?: Paid

Dates required: Ongoing

City/region of project: Guelph and Toronto

Brief description of the project: The Re•Vision Centre is an arts methodology research hub at the University of Guelph that investigates the power of the arts and story to open conversations about systemic injustices in sectors including health care, education, and arts and culture. We are looking for videographers to work with us on an ongoing basis, to assist with event and interview documentation in Guelph and Toronto, as well as post-production work. We work relationally with justice-seeking communities, so we would like to begin our relationship with an initial interview to confirm compatibility.

Contact information: Please email Elisabeth Harrison at to set up an interview.


Project: Sceneskape Productions
Looking for help with: Looking to hire a Davinci Studio software expert for training me
Project Type: -
Paid or Volunteer?: Paid
Dates required: Flexible
City/region of project: Guelph - however I can travel if necessary
Brief description of the project:  -
Contact information: Guy Kostrey - (519) 241-9638

Looking for help?

Ed Video can be a great place to make connections with cast, crew, artists, video producers and technical help.
As an artist-run centre, we encourage the fair treatment of skilled artists, and that includes making sure that the services they may provide are respected and (whenever possible) financially compensated at a reasonable rate.

Before submitting your call for help, please consider the time, cost and energy video and media makers have invested in the development of their skills. The amount any individual video or media artist may charge for their work will vary, and some may even be willing to provide their services at no cost for projects or groups they believe in.
If you are seeking a volunteer videographer/media artist, please be prepared to compensate them (at minimum) for their equipment costs, travel expenses, media costs (DVD copies), etc. Never expect a volunteer to pay out of their own pocket to help you!
Artists should always be paid for assisting commercially-oriented projects.

To send us your call for help, please answer the following questions as briefly as possible. Calls should be less than two paragraphs and include full contact information. Submit two weeks (or more) before the date your project takes place.

Please include the following information in your call

Project:(name of your project and/or organization)
Looking for help with: (general video help, camera operator, editor, etc)
Project Type:(short film, PSA, documentary, etc)
Paid or Volunteer?:
Dates required:(please be as specific as possible)
City/region of project:
Brief description of the project:(synopsis, timeline, end use, other important information, etc)
Contact information:(your email, phone number, etc)

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