Production, Training, and Development Grants

2020 Deadlines: January 1st, March 1st, May 1st, July 1st, September 1st, November 1st

Ed Video’s grant program supports media art creators by granting no-cost access to our equipment and education resources. These grants may not be used for corporate work, educational projects, promotional videos, or work done for individuals or community groups. 
Projects must have a strong artistic component to qualify, and all projects must adhere to the spirit and terms of Ed Video's Code of Conduct. It is important to Ed Video’s mandate to offer support which encourages a diversity of perspectives, abilities, and voices. Artists of all experience levels are encouraged to apply.
These are not cash awards.
Please read all information below before applying! Incomplete applications will not be considered.


Film and Video Project Grants (up to $700 of equipment access in any category)
These grants are for theatrical-style fiction of any length, documentary, video art, or art which includes a video component. 

Online Video Project Grants (up to $400 of equipment access in any category)
These awards are for fiction, documentary and 'vlog' style projects created specifically for sharing on the internet. Video done for promotional purposes does not qualify. 
- New Web Series Projects (no previous ‘episodes’)
- "One-off" Projects (not episodic)

Audio-based Project Grants (up to $350 of equipment access in any category)
- Podcasts with a content focus on art or issues that are of importance to artists
- Audio Documentary Projects
- Music Video Projects
Media Arts Project Grants (up to $700 of equipment access in any category

Media Arts Project Grants (up to $700 of equipment access in any category)
- Media Arts Projects intended for display in a gallery, institutional, or similar setting
- Media Arts Projects to be distributed online
Examples include but are not limited to installation or performance based works, live or performative video production, mixed media works, or other non-traditional video or audio based works.

Workshop Bursaries
Bursaries may be used toward a single workshop or course. The bursaries can cover the full registration fee of the event, or reduce the fee as needed to remove financial barriers.
These bursaries are available at any time in the grant cycle. Applications must submit their application before the registration deadline for the course they want to attend.
Career and Skills Development Grant (up to $300 of workshop access)
This grant is for those looking to attend a number of education sessions throughout a grant cycle. Only one of these grants is available in each cycle/deadline. Limited equipment access is available as part of this grant, for recipients to practice the techniques and skills they have learned in workshops and training.
Technique Research and Development Grant (up to $200 in equipment access)
This grant is for artists looking to test or develop a particular production technique before application in a real project. Equipment can be accessed to conduct practice setups or field testing. Preference will be given to those who are experimenting with the medium in order to expand their own artistic practice.
Equipment access may not be used toward the creation of an actual project (please apply to one of our production grants for that).

Apply to grants through this form

Information about these Grants
i) Cycles are two months in length. You should apply for the cycle that encompasses your production dates.

ii) If your production dates take place in two different cycles, you will have to apply separately for each.
iii) 2019 cycles begin February 1st, April 1st, June 1st, July 1st, Sepember 1st and November 1st. 
iv) Grants expire on the first day of the next cycle.
v) You may apply for one project at a time.
vi) You may apply for up to three grants per project. If applying again, demonstrate significant progress from your first grant.
vii) Applicants are encouraged to apply before the beginning of the cycle they want to use a grant in, but late entries will be considered. 
viii) Please allow at least 10 business days for us to review and respond to your application. 

Eligibility of Applicants and Projects
i) Applicant must be the primary creative force of the project (e.g. Director)
ii) Applicant must be 18 years of age or older
iii) Open to Ontario residents in Brant, Dufferin, Halton, Hamilton-Wentworth, Peel, Waterloo and Wellington Counties/Regions
iv) Productions must occur within the boundaries covered under Ed Video’s insurance
v) The applicant must own all rights to the work they are creating
vi) The project must adhere to Ed Video’s Mandate, Vision and Code of Conduct.

If there is a high volume of applications for any cycle, then (at the discretion of staff) a committee may be formed to jury the applications. In these situations, projects will be assessed on the following criteria, as demonstrated in the application: feasibility of the project, relevance of the project to the grant category, impact of the grant on the career or development of the applicant, impact of the project on the community of which the artist is a part of.
The number of times an applicant has accessed the grant program, and the progress demonstrated in those program cycles, may also be considered.
In the event that any cycle becomes competetive, you may be required to submit additional information or materials.

Membership Requirements/Terms and Conditions
i) Grants are subject to our standard rental procedures, policies and requirements. Violating these will result in the instant revocation of the grant award.
ii) Applicants may request to include the cost of membership in their application.
iii) Current and lapsed members must be in good standing (no balance owed on previous rentals or membership fees) to apply.
iv) Grants may not be applied to any rentals or use which occured before the grant was awarded, or to any use other than the project described in the application.

Please contact for more information, or with questions. Questions about the awards and the application process are welcome!