How volunteers help us:

As a charitable artist-run centre, Ed Video depends on volunteers for much of what we do. We are run by a volunteer board of directors and we use volunteer support at every single level of the organization. Volunteer opportunities vary broadly across our arts centre and we work hard to ensure that each volunteer has the chance to complete an activity that is important to them, or that helps develop a resume for them to take to a prospective employer. 

Volunteer jobs include: 

General office duties: This may include answering the phone, assisting with writing the newsletter, greeting people who drop in, general errands, and staffing the gallery. 

Special projects and events: This may include the organization of an event in partnership with Ed Video that furthers the organization’s goals or mandate, or assisting with postering and promotion for a specific event, arranging publicity, doing follow up for press releases. It could also include construction work in the gallery, assisting with the set up of shows for our screenings and exhibitions, manning the door or the bar for any events or openings. 

Participating on committees: Ed Video committees include fundraising, publicity and promotion, equipment and facilities, cultural equity, programming, nominating, and workshops. Some of these committees meet seasonally depending on the work to be done. 

Participating on the Board of Directors: the nominating committee, listed above, works hard to invite people to run for the Board of Directors, encouraging diversity and inclusivity. We understand how important a positive work environment is and we try hard to make the Ed Video experience a good one for all our volunteers. 

The Volunteer Credit System: We encourage member involvement in the daily activities of the centre through our Volunteer Credit system. Members who volunteer receive equipment credits worth $15/hr for their time. These credits can be used to pay for 50% of equipment rentals or workshops*. Members are also able to pay for half their membership fee by volunteering within 30 days of becoming a member. 

* Ed Video reserves the right to cancel workshops if there are not enough attendees to cover the cost of the instructor. In the event of this happening, staff may ask you whether you would prefer to use your volunteer credit at another time, if it makes the difference between the workshop being able to go forward or not. Members also have the right to decline in which case the workshop may be cancelled.