Youth Programs

Ed Video has a number of opportunities for young artists and filmmakers to get involved at any stage in their education and career. We provide specific youth programming, but also encourage participation in our regular workshops, events, and programmes.

Ed Video regularly partners with other organizations to develop and deliver opportunities for youth to learn new media arts production skills, or to create new projects. Through these partnerships we strive to support youth from underserved communities, allowing them to engage with opportunities that may not be accessible due to any number of barriers. We also work to hire emerging artists to deliver these programs, with the goal of providing young artists with additional income and access to our platform. In this way we also hope that instructors will be able to relate to the lived experiences of the youth participating in these programs.

We welcome partnership proposals from groups and organizations aligned with our mandate and goals of fostering the creation, exhibition, and appreciation of media arts, especially as it relates to engaging and educating youth and emerging artists.

Ed Video also encourages young, emerging media artists to submit to our calls for submissions to have their work presented through our exhibition program, to apply to our media arts production grants, and to engage with other opportunities that will aid in the development of their career and artistic practice.

Youth involvement has been a vital element our success as an organization, with many of our members and artists having participated in our co-op programme, or learning fundimental skills at our workshops.

Young artists and filmmakers are welcome to become members, use our equipment, attend our workshops, and apply for our production grants.