2022 Workshop Archive

Ed Video hosted the following workshops in 2022 (so far!). For more information or to request a workshop please email workshops@edvideo.org

After Effects for Beginners 

Crit Night 

Taxes for Artists and Creatives with Shantae Cunnigham of Cobella Financial 

Creating Digital Growth Structures from Homemade Microbial Ecosystems

Accessibility and Activism in Social Media 

Twinery: 'Chose your Own Adventure' with Creative Coding & Interactive Storytelling

Mozilla Hubs with Spoke: Create your own 3D portal!

Design an Interactive Virtual Space

Ed Video's Animation Camp

Everything You Need to Know About Artist Residencies 

Introduction to Blender Animation

Breaking Censorship with Post-Digital Aesthetics

Nude Life Drawing at Ed Video 

Take a 3D Scan of Your Head

Try Your Hand: Exploring the 3D Printer

Recreation Therapy for Artists' Mental Health

Try Your Hand: Projection Mapping

DaVinci Resolve

Try Your Hand: Virtual Reality

Try Your Hand: Live Lighting & Video Design

Try Your Hand: Raspberry Pi