Online Workshops Protocols and Policy

Ed Video strives to make all our online workshops accessible and welcoming for everyone who wishes to attend.
We have a few recommendations for participants, but also recognize that not everyone is able to engage in the same way.

For the best technical experience we recommend:
- Join the Zoom meeting from somewhere quiet and with a fast and stable internet connection
- Use headphones or earbuds, and an external microphone (the one in your headphones is fine)
- Use a desktop or laptop computer with a webcam instead of a phone or tablet
- Attend from a space with even, adequate lighting and make sure the main lightsource isn't behind you
- Prepare some writing tools so you can easily take notes in a way that doesn't obscure the Zoom window

We prioritize accessibility, and understand that not all participants will be able to meet these guidelines. To this end we ask that workshop participants engage in whatever way the are able.
- Cameras are not required, whether you are unwell and attending from bed, or just having a bad hair day
- If your internet connection is unstable we recommend turning off your camera and switching the view to speaker only
- We strive to record and distribute every session, so participants can revisit the material, or in case they had to leave early

All our workshops include at least one 10 minute "bio-break" so participants have an opportunity to move around, relieve themselves, and replenish their snacks and drinks.
We are able to provide ASL interpretation or captioning at request and with adequate notice.
We prefer to limit our online workshops to at most 15 participants to encourage a smaller, more engaged group, and to allow for one-on-one support and feedback that isn't possible in larger groups.

We require all participants and instructors to adhere to Ed Video's code of conduct, to treat eachother respectfully, and work to create a welcoming and anti-oppressive learning environment.

If you need any assistance, or have any questions about attending our online workshops or events please contact Maddie at or Elia at