Production at Ed Video

Ed Video is a membership-based production centre. Our membership creates a diverse range of work which includes video art, documentaries, short and full-length films, audio art, podcasts, music video, YouTube videos, and more. We support their work and their artistic development with access to production programs, exhibition programs, affordable production equipment, workshops, networking opportunities, and guidance.

Production Programs

Ed Video conducts a variety of production programs and events that foster collaborative connections, skill development, and the exploration of new techniques. These programs often result in the creation of new work, but the focus is often on the process as much as it is the end result. Production programs are open to members, and occasionally the general public.
A list of upcoming production programs can be found on our Events page.


Workshops and Training

We offer a range of workshop and training opportunities that develop specific skills for both new and experienced artists. Starting January 1st, 2018, most workshops will take place on an on-demand basis. 
A list of our available workshops can be found on our Education and Training page.

Production and Post-Production Equipment Access

Ed Video rents professional production equipment to our members at rates that are well-below what you would find at most commercial rental houses. Members may access our equipment for the purpose of creating their work, supported by training and guidance from staff.


Production Grant Programs

It is important to us that our members are succesful in achieving their artistic goals. We offer multiple opportunities for artists to get their hands on the equipment they need through our Production Grant program. The process is simple, and similar to writing a grant application.